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Terms & Conditions

NOTE: Ask for an updated Terms & Conditions file to be sure you are reading the most up to date version. Online version is updated every few months.

[last updated 6/04/2023]

Thank you for trusting Lensational Mirage for your photography needs & artwork.

Set up for studio sessions are usually done the night prior to appointment,  Backgrounds are steamed and positioned as well as lighting is tested to ensure session will go smoothly. As result sessions must be booked a minimum of 36 hours prior to appointment time.

Studio Hours of Operation are

M-F (6:30pm-8:30pm) 

Saturday/Sunday Varies by Appt

Licensed & Insured

Events may be booked with a recommended minimum 1 month booking in advance.

Terms and Conditions: 

No appointment holds without a 50% deposit for sessions. The appointment does not exist before payment of this deposit. A hold will be placed for the session via web calendar. If payment is not received by due date specified on invoice, the hold will disappear. 

Studio Session Deposits must be paid 36 hours from Session booking as the night before (24 hrs) the appointment is when the set up, steaming and prepping for that session occurs. As this is work it must be compensated regardless if client arrives.  


Quoted Pricing is good for 7 days from Inquire. Without a signed contract terms are subject to change. 

Late Fee: Late fee begins at the 11 minute mark. 10 minutes are grace period. Please be sure that you account for traffic not calculated on GPS until you click “start trip”. (11 minutes late $4, 21 minutes late $8, 31 minutes late $12, 41 minutes late $16, 51 minutes late $20, 1hr and a minute late $24). This fee will be invoiced and required to pay before receiving any images to select from. This fee is meant to cover the entire time photographer is “at work”.  

Photographer is usually 15 minutes early to session, however traffic and car accidents do happen. If photographer is late session, the time she is late is how long the session will extend itself. Asking photographer to do the same amount of work for less is inhumane. If you wish to deduct the late time and end the session at the same time it would have ended, this is fine. Use the late fee specifications above to see how much you would receive per every full 10 minutes late. 

Rain happens often in Florida, especially evenings. Outdoor shoots scheduled have the option to reschedule at the 24hr mark or convert to Studio Session if Family is 6 is less people. Client is entitled to a 50% of deposit returned IF photographer did not have to spend on additional props and supplies for that shoot. That refund ONLY applies to Outdoor Sessions. Studio Cancellations will get none. Refer to cancellation and refunds section.   

No Show – No refund for deposits for no shows. Photographer’s time should be respected. Prep time and set up time, driving expense and cost of doing business are all reason for deposit terms and conditions.  

Travel Fee: $2 per mile after the amount of miles included in session is exceeded. I think we can all agree gas prices are crazy. Instead of raising overall pricing I simply am leaving it to the discretion of the client how far they would like their shoot based on their budget. 

You must select the images you want edited within a week from your session. If you do not select images within those 7 days Lensational Mirage is not responsible for images taking longer to process from the desired timeline of the client. Other clients who do select their images in a timely manner will be treated as priority should selection be made weeks after session.

Additional Images chosen or additional editing selected must be paid for in full prior to photographer editing the image. 

Sessions are non-refundable, however, should something occur to the images taken during the time of the session to prevent the images from appearing at desired usable quality, a no charge re-shoot can be conducted. Not liking an entire reel of pictures or the photographer’s shooting style is not sufficient reason to request this "reshoot". Please review my portfolio on my website or social media accounts to determine if Lensational Mirage is a good fit for the style you are looking for prior to booking your session. My ideal shooting style is non posed (candid photography), I may prompt and redirect but rarely do I pose unless the client is really determined for this traditional style. I aim to create emotion when I shoot. I envision painted artworks when I shoot. You may see the image for what it is, but I see the image as I am taking it for what it will be as the finished product.  

The proper steps have been taken to keep babies safe by placing a foam mat under floor drops should they topple over. Please watch your step around any electrical equipment. You are welcome to bring or incorporate any props you wish into the photos.  

Editing is at the photographer’s discretion, if you would like a certain editing style please communicate with photographer prior to shoot. She may guide you to a photographer better equipped with that style of artwork as every photographer has their own style.  Requests to alter image exactly as client envisions will be denied as this is unreasonable and unrealistic. Photographer cannot see into client's mind. Client may request simple changes such as toning down certain colors or temperature of an image if said image is already complete. For "hyper" or "premium" images, client is allowed to make special requests as this type of labor is included in the pricing.

Standard Retouch/Editing: Lighting, sharpening, hue, tones, contrast, exposure(brightness), orientation (image straightening), clarity, texture, etc (Adobe Lightroom).  

Hyper Editing: Wrinkle Smoothing, Body Altering, Adding Effects, Photo Montage, Item Removal, Making a person smile in an image, Using an image to change a persons closed eyes to open (adding an item), drawing on an image, sky replacement etc. (Use of Photoshop and often multiple softwares and memberships. These images can take 30 mins to an hour and a half to create.)  

Promotional Sessions- Are not coupon applicable. Promotional event terms are that you automatically allow Lensational Mirage share your images for marketing purposes or artistic display in exchange for discounted price. Should you decide you would like your images held private from a promotional session you will pay an additional 25% towards your session before images are released to you. 

Digital Copies are for you to do as you please for personal use (share, print etc.). Any photos shared outside of studio that you do not purchase, to preview, will be watermarked. Lensational Mirage owns all the rights to any artwork/photograph produced. As such images may not be reproduced for marketing and distribution without consent. Print release forms are provided.

You will be able to view your album at: 

Albums Expire at the 31 day mark. Be sure to download the full high resolution quality of your images to a USB, Laptop or Dropbox account. The images you see in the galleries will be low resolution and as a result may look blurry on your end than your actual product. Please keep this in mind when viewing your images.  

Create a log in as only clients may view these albums.  All images will be watermarked. Should you choose to allow me to share your photos for marketing and social media they will sport a logo. Upload of your unedited album can take up to one week. Final retouched images may take up to two weeks from session to become available to you from the day you select them. For events, green screen, Hyper editing or longer sessions – expect up to 3 weeks to see entire final album.  

Prints- Can only be chosen from a digital copy you have already chosen. Due to technology, a lot of people take prints and scan them into the computer to reproduce the photo. That is the reason for this clause.  

Please care for your young children during your session or bring help if needed. While photographer has children, and loves kids, it is important they do not touch or play with equipment to avoid injuries. Photographer will not be watching children during the session. Should something happen during that session for a sibling running around during the shoot parent is responsible for the consequences of any falls or injuries.  


“Studio Set Up”- This means lighting, backdrops, floor drops, and props. This does not mean I work in an office building. You will be arriving at my home. These Sessions are ONLY done in early morning or late night to reduce effects of heat. While AC is available, it is not very powerful to combat this Florida Heat. 

Need a little savings?: 

Keep an eye out for Model Calls 

Do a creative collaborative shoot (these are not typical sessions and must be agreed upon between both parties as they do not cover photographer’s labor) 

15% off Second Session after leaving Google Review

No Access to view any images in your online gallery without full payment of your session and late fee payment if applicable.


    Cancelation Refund Terms Appointments: 

** Should client cancel anytime more than 14 days from booking, a refund of 50% of the deposit amount will be provided. No Refunds 13 or less days from client booking.  

    Cancelation Refund for Events: 

****** 50% Refund of Deposit Returned if Cancelation occurs 31 days from event. No Refunds thereafter. 

Taxes will be applied to each checkout. Lensational Mirage Photography is a legal registered business in the state of Florida & must comply with the IRS. 

Signed Contract pricing is to be honored should any changes occur outside of contract. Terms & Conditions are subject to change.  

PLEASE fill out the required paperwork prior to session or send answers to Lensational Mirage via online communication or text, to better service your needs. Arrive 5 minutes prior to session to not go over on another client’s appointment time. Providing deposit after reading this contract implies you have read and understand the terms of service. 

Any discounted price off original price automatically classifies the work as sharable works for marketing, web posting etc. If any coupon or discount is applied to any package including the Family discount you relinquish your rights to keep your images private for social media purposes. 

Refunds: No refunds for session fees, prints, or digital images unless your entire album was somehow lost, burned in a fire, or irreparable with photo editing software.  A full refund for complete loss of images, which is unlikely due to immediate back up of photos upon arrival from a shoot. Should I come to pass before you receive your images and you have already paid for them, please refer to my husband and memory cards used the date of your photoshoot. 

No exchanges with images already edited and or provided to the client without logo. Photographer is not at fault if client does not like the way their nose looks in a picture that they themselves chose for photographer to edit. Ensure you select images you LOVE. Time spent on photo is to be respected and therefore paid. 

Prints & Edits are NOT interchangeable. Please do not make this request as it will be denied. 

When purchasing unedited digital albums please bear in mind that these images while print worthy up to large sizes of 16x20 are medium sized JPGs between 1.5mb-4.5mb.

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