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Collaborative Model

This page is for clients who feel they fit a certain description of portfolio filling possible themes or ideas. I, the photographer have no actual urgency for any of these types of shoots (and have my own children for the most part to do sample shoots) , however, I am willing to do these creative or theme inspired sessions for a low fee as a collaboration with a person or group of people who fit the description, for a low price of $45 that would help cover the cost of props, gas, and possible payment to an assistant if needed. Should you wish to add more props or go above and beyond for your shoot fee free to pitch in. You will receive 10 Raw images and 3 edited.


You must schedule this session like any other session and pay in full prior to session. 


List of Themed Shoots & Description

Please contact Lensational Mirage Photography with your name, phone number, email and quick description of why you fill any of the following qualified types of sessions. Feel free to inquire about any type of session you are looking to have that may be a great collaborative session. You will receive 10raw images and 3 edited images for these types of sessions.

Mommy & Me

Mother Day Promo - Looking for a Mommy and her child/children ideally with kids 8 and under. (MID APRIL 2022)

Christmas Promo Baking In Kitchen Set 

 Studio set up with cute kitchen backdrop and table with baking set up (July 2022)

Grandmother and Grandkids 3-7


Mom and kids 3-7

Christmas Morning in Bed

Studio Set Up with headboard & mattress

Ideally a brother & sister Kids ideal ages (3-7)


A family of 3 with a child 3-6

Sunflower Milk Bath

Baby Girl ages 7m-12m Must be able to sit for 5 minutes unassisted. This shoot is outdoors.

Spring Bubble  Bath

Baby BOY ages 7m-12m Must be able to sit for 5 minutes unassisted. This shoot is outdoors.

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